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Citrus Fruits

Chris Jackson

An experienced entrepreneur, Team Coach and educator, I specialise in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity with an emphasis on developing personal attributes that enable individuals and organisations to successfully navigate complexity.​

A latecomer to the Higher Education sector, I have been able to use years of experience of running my own enterprises and delivering business support to add context to academic learning and delivery. 

It's great to be able to give something back.

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Pauline Miller Judd

An accomplished senior leader, I have successfully delivered a range of innovation projects across different sectors. As both an accredited coach, and experienced facilitator, I enjoy working with individuals and teams to enable them to think differently and to achieve their full potential.

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Phil Wood

Having have worked in the education sector for nearly 30 years, in both schools and universities, I have led many innovation projects and have a deep interest in the processes involved in change.


I enjoy working with other people to understand and help them bring about transformational changes in their own contexts. As a starting point, I like nothing better than to engage with people’s stories and insights for imagining and navigating change.  

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Georgiana Els

An academic, practitioner, team coach, parent and life-long learner, I enjoy working with individuals, teams and communities to explore and unlock possible futures. WIth more than 15 years experience in Higher Education, I am eager to further enhance my teaching and research practice by engaging with new ways of learning.

"It takes a village to raise a child".

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