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Jarra is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and therefor not-for profit. We work primarily with organisations who need to transform the way that they work - as an organisation and/or with clients and stakeholders.  We cover our costs by charging commercial rates where possible and delivering funded interventions where appropriate. This gives us scope to offer pro-bono delivery where there is no opportunity of financial reward.



We’re all exposed to change, some planned, some unplanned. The important thing is how you respond to it.

Do you avoid change?
What are you prepared to tolerate ?

How might you embrace it? 



We tend to think comfortably, relying on past successes and experience to predict or determine our future. However, this often leads to narrow ways of perceiving the world and limits our perspectives.

How might you develop  your capacity to think differently?



We often only react to change when it occurs, leaving us at a disadvantage. By navigating change positively and proactively, we are more able to act with purpose.

How might you begin to anticipate rather than react?

What would acting with purpose mean to you?

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