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Yes, we offer coaching, but it's not what we 'do' or how we define ourselves. It's only one way that we might work with you and your people in order to learn together. We're not here to teach, tell, train or - in the context of coaching - guide or advise.

So what's the purpose of coaching? Well, we believe that it's a process that allows us to discover together what you don't yet know - or possibly something that you haven't realised - which will enable you to move in whichever direction it is you need to be moving in. If at all.....

What 'sort' of coaching might we use? Well, this would be either one-to-one coaching or team coaching, which are distinctly different.  Don't believe anyone who would have you think otherwise. 

If this sounds a little vague, then that's intentional, because any coaching process that is offered along with multiple strategies,  'expert advice' or guarantees of success, is fake. And there's a lot of it about. 

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